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We create healthful, wholesome, sustainable hair and body care, using only ingredients that benefit you. We combine our scientific background with deep-rooted family knowledge to formulate products that are effective and safe for your hair and skin. Each product is carefully hand-made, in small batches, at our production facility in Holyoke, MA.

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the co-founders


Mae's Story

I’m Mae, I’m a Leo, Virgo rising, moon in Taurus (lol). I was born in Hartford Connecticut to Jamaican immigrant parents. I mention this, because I feel that my family’s love for natural remedies influenced me deeply. I have very sensitive skin, fragrances and additives would make me break out in rashes and suffer from migraines from a young age. I begrudgingly learned about certain herbs and plants and what they could possibly do for me instead of their chemical laden counterparts. It wasn’t until later on, that my love of science collided with so much of what I had been taught.

In college I learned about the effects that our environment can have on a genetic level, how the different cells in our body worked together, and how things like bioprospecting were affecting our environment and indigenous populations. I felt inspired to find my own small point of intervention in the maelstrom that is the problems of today’s world. lymph + honey would become that for me.


samuel's story

I was born in Munich, Germany, with family from Ghana and all over the place, really. After spending the first half of my life confusing German barbers - who weren't used to cutting curly hair - I eventually moved to the U.S, where I studied and finally co-founded this company.

lymph + honey gives me a chance to bridge the gaps between my wildly varying interests, and I hope to see it shift parameters in many further ways. My ultimate dream is to make effective and wholesome natural hair + body care products accessible to black folks in Germany.



lymph + honey?

The name lymph and honey is a shoutout to natural healing systems.  Lymph is a clear fluid made naturally by our bodies that contains bacteria fighting white blood cells. In a similar fashion, honey, an awe-inspiring earthly product, has many antiseptic qualities that cleanse and nourish. Our name signifies a partnership between our bodies and the planet, and our inherent responsibility to sustain both.