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Products described as ‘natural’ all too often contain chemicals, alcohols, or fillers. We decided to try something different. We select nourishing ingredients of only the highest quality. Nothing in our products is added to take up space, lower our production costs, or as a quick fix to cover natural scents or colors. Every ingredient counts.

People + environment

We see it as our inherent responsibility to be kind to our planet, and to improve the lives of the people around us. All our ingredients are organic and, wherever applicable, fair trade certified. Our packaging is completely recyclable, and we minimize our reliance on plastic wherever possible. For us, health, beauty, and sustainability go hand in hand.


Premium products usually come with premium prices. As co-founders of lymph + honey, we believe that every body should have access to healthful and wholesome choices.  We do everything to keep our prices low, and hope you can help us spread the message.